giovedì 27 giugno 2019

T- Day. Transumanesimo della vita quotidiana a cura di Guerre e Bruni . autori vari (Armando Editore, 2019)


Italian  & english version

English Version

He has been published by Armando Editore di Roma, a 70 year old publishing house specialising in social sciences and also T-Day university books. Transumanesimo della Vita Quotidiana, edited by the futurist Roberto Guerra (his 5th book for Armando editore, tra personal e collettanei) and Pierfranco Bruni (writer and consultant to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage-Mibact).

… Transhumanism is increasingly at the forefront of contemporary debate. In this book, the focus is on a perhaps atypical vision of transhumanism: a futuristic complex that is essentially historical and cultural and also to a certain extent pop. The Authors point out that the future has already truly begun, very tangible in daily life, shaped by the electronic revolution and its effects on the human mind. Also to relativize a technoscientific avant-garde movement perturbing for certain extremes of its futures, after all – in spite of easy bioethical and past criticisms – nothing more than a radical scientific-humanism.

Among the authors, in addition to the same War and Bruni, some of the most famous Italian and international futurologists, Zoltan Istvan (USA), Ilia Stambler (Israel), Riccardo Campa, Giulio Prisco, Vitaldo Conte; in addition to the artists Davide Foschi and Carlo Zannetti, … the philosophers Cristiano Rocchio, Angelo Giubileo, the science fiction writer Fabrizio Ulivieri and Ivan Bruno, the geopolitician Pierluigi Casalino, Bruno Turra (sociologist), Maurizio Ganzaroli (writer and artist), Davide Grandi (writer and essayist)